You have probably heard people talk about life being a journey. There are a few interesting things about journeys. First, they are not always predictable. Sometimes when you start on one, you find a fork in the road, and you need to choose which way to go. You may find that you need or want to change course during your journey for one reason or another. Frequently reaching the destination becomes the beginning of yet another journey. Change can be difficult and motivating yourself to make those changes can be challenging. However, there are steps you can take to conquer those challenges and start fresh again.

Making It Happen

One of the first things that will help motivate you into making a change is finding a purpose. Be open to the fact that it may change throughout your life. The way you see your purpose as a young adult will most likely change as you reach middle age or senior citizenship. It is a good idea to review your purpose from time to time. Solidify it by thinking about it often. Do not allow fear to overshadow it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by finding your purpose.

You also need to allow yourself the space to change. If you have been in the same rut for a while, it is time you climb out and give yourself space to do things differently. Some individuals can make changes quickly, while others need a slower approach. Whatever best suits you is fine. The important thing is to stick with the process to make the changes that need to happen.  

Hold yourself accountable. You may need to enlist the help of a trusted friend or mentor to help with this. Accountability will help you stay on track, especially if you are working on changing course. It is always easier to fall back into old habits. 

Moving out of your comfort zone can be scary and challenging. Finding someone to help you be accountable can make it easier for you to stay the course of your new journey, especially during those times when the going gets tough.


Remember that even baby steps are still steps. Give yourself permission to move at a reasonable pace. Small actions in the right direction will eventually lead to the change you want to see. Every day choose an action that will move you closer to your goal. The important thing is not to give up. 

It has been said that success is ten percent talent and ninety percent hard work. Those who make it to the top keep on keeping on, even when the chips are down. You can develop that type of perseverance when you keep your goals in mind.

When you find that the path you are currently on is not leading you in the direction you want to go, muster up the courage to change direction. Surround yourself with people who will help you forge ahead fearlessly on your new path. Learn to trust and believe in yourself.