“To whom much has been given, much will be required.” (Luke 12:48) We are coming through one of those trying times in history. Times like these bring out the “givers” and “takers” in life. Some have profited greatly despite the devastation of the pandemic, while others have lost dearly. One thing, among many, is of interest during this time. Many struggling through these days have also been of great help to those who are even less fortunate.  Our family has chosen for the last 21 years to host a charity golf tournament benefiting sports programs, mentoring and tutoring young people in the Twin Cities raising over 1.5 million dollars. Your giving back may not be a charity event but you have something to give to someone, so give.

Where Do You Stand?

Many times when people talk about “giving back,” certain assumptions are made. Usually, the first thought is, “How much money are they asking for?” However, giving back is not always about the Benjamins. It is a mindset that takes many forms. Something as simple as a smile can be an essential factor in giving back.

One Caring Adult

Mentoring is a form of giving back. It takes time and commitment. However, mentoring is often much more valuable than monetary assistance. Research shows that one caring adult in a young person’s life can mean the difference between a life of crime and a life of productivity. 

Throughout the Cities and indeed across the country, programs are begging people to step up and commit to being mentors. The rewards of mentoring are many. Though it can be a challenging way to give back, it is also a move that is seldom if ever regretted.

Sharing Knowledge

There are many ways to have a positive impact on the lives of others. Sharing your time, gifts, and talents with others can help someone improve their station in life. Sharing your knowledge on a particular subject may be just the thing someone needs to make that decision that will turn their life around. You never know what a word of encouragement will produce in the life of another. 

No matter your age, there are many opportunities for you to volunteer your time and make good use of those natural gifts and talents you have been given. Perhaps you may speak at a youth center or assist at a youth sporting event. Explore the possibilities and discover how good you can feel when you help others.

The Power of Words

After going through all the storms and strife of the past year, words of encouragement are precious jewels to just about everyone. Words are one of the most powerful forces on earth. Think about this, God spoke and it was, He said “Let there be Light“ and it was.  Families and relationships are birth out of words.   Giving back through encouraging others is a valuable habit to cultivate.  There are many things to tear people down and apart. Words of encouragement build them up again and provide hope, a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. You are responsible for the words that come out of your mouth so sometimes its wise to think before you speak because those words lift a person the Shift the Atmosphere to make a difference for the good of mankind.

I remember some of the words that were spoken over my life many years ago but it seems just like it was yesterday because some of those words shaped who I am today as a man.  Words of my mom and dad, the words of teachers and coaches are in my DNA.  My kicking coach at FAMU, Pop Kittles told me, “Baby, kick it where he ain’t and if you are good at it, they will find a place for you in the NFL”!  I was stupid enough to believe him.  Talking about the Power of Words. 

There is a book that I read in Proverbs 18:21 that says, “ Life and death are in the power of the tongue.  Take the time to discover ways in which you can give back with the words that you use about family, friends, and yourself.  Living in the United States and no it doesn’t feel very united lately but believe it or not, we all have been given so much and so little at the same time; although at present, it may not seem like it, we indeed are a blessed nation in so many ways. 

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